Sash Windows London

Sash Windows London

Sash windows London

With so many new property developments in London one could be forgiven to believe that the humble sash window may have had its day, but you would be wrong.

Sash window repairs in London is big business and very competitive too!
There are an estimated 800 legitimate sash window repair companies in London and a further 5000 other construction based companies that also provide sash window repairs as part of there overall services – London and the sash window seem to go hand in hand.

The reason for such demand with regards to sash window repairs is the fact that the sash window is now almost regarded as an essential property fashion accessory. Trendy buyers will often not be interested in a property that does not have sliding sash windows or if they do buy will almost always replace the existing windows with new double glazed traditional sash windows.

Sash windows have charm, character and warmth and can make a normal looking house in a  very average area stand out as the best in the street sheerly down to the fact that the windows are wooden box sashes.

The sash window does have its critics though and the most common problem you will hear regarding sash windows is that they are rattle, draughty and troublesome in the least to operate.

This is all true of an unkept sash but with the right care and know how sash windows can be put right and give many years of pleasure let use.
If a sash window is the original period window then it will definitely require some level of sash window repairs, this is often referred to as sash window refurbishment or renovation.
The process should transform the sash windows into beatific draught free fully functional windows and costs far less then full replacement.
If you require sash window repairs in London then don’t hesitate to call the friendly team at Mortice & Green!
We repair, refurbish and replace sash windows and would love to help.

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