The Benefits of Sash Window Restoration

The Benefits of Sash Window Restoration

The sash window is recognized as one of the most beautiful and traditional features for homes, cottages, and many other styles of buildings. While these charming structures can produce a great deal of appeal, it is susceptible to rot and damage because of its age and a lack of maintenance. Sash window restoration can be tended to with a professional service that aids in improving the condition of windows and managing the integrity of such traditional architecture.

Sashes are historical features that are part of many buildings from older palaces to town houses that include an original wooden or metal construction. Over time and without the correct care, timber can begin to rot and chip away while the metallic structures may warp and become damaged leading to an improper fit within the framework. Draughts and rattling can be most unpleasant to have to endure, but it can be repaired and restored to its original state without having to remove and replace the windows.

Mortice Green has been recognized as providing specialist sash window restorative procedures since 1994 and with its basis in London, able to provide professional services for a variety of properties. Established many years ago, the business offers restoration, reparation, renovation, and the complete replacement of windows that are suited to the function and style of buildings. Handcrafted installations are available and made to order to ensure that deficiencies are eliminated and full or smooth operation implemented.

There are a number of reasons as to why more property owners are having refurbishment processes completed rather than replacing sash windows. This includes the maintenance of attractive, distinctive, and traditional architecture that will improve the value of the building. Many sashes date as far back as the 1600s and are simply not manufactured in the same manner, which is the reason these features should be protected and restored rather than replaced.

A common problem with older and poorly maintained sash windows is the formation of draughts and rattling noises. Unfortunately the wooden frames are susceptible to decay without regular treatment causing a poor fit and the development of gaps. When the wind blows, it enters through these spaces leading to constant knocks and the sensation of a strong breeze that compromises energy efficiency through loss of heat.

The professional sash window restoration company is able to tackle the smallest of problems from a poorly operational cord to larger restoration including the repair of frames and glass. This includes the filling of missing wood pieces and applying new seals that will prevent draughts and rattles from occurring. Double glazed windows can be installed for quality and the maintenance of energy efficiency as the insulating properties retain heat.

Single or double glazing is becoming increasingly popular for the upgrade of sashes as it offers sound insulation and prevents heat from escaping. Installing such modern features can minimize increased expense in utility bills for air conditioners and heaters through the year. Such modifications can ensure that your living environment remains comfortable without losing any of the appeal and charm of the sash window.

All types and sizes of sash and period windows can benefit from maintenance and refurbishment methods. Exposure to the elements and the contraction and expansion of the home can cause the frames to become loose that will cause gaps and a number of functional problems. The restoration process is more cost effective than a complete replacement and will provide the windows with appeal and extended longevity.

Mortice Green deliver a high standard of workmanship in the refurbishment process including the realignment and adjustment of the window system for a perfect fit and maintenance of its stylish appearance. Assembling the structure aids in improving energy efficiency and the smooth operation of such structures to ensure that it continues to open and close without difficulty. This includes the installation of single and doubles glazed windows to keep rooms cosy and to prevent against noise pollution.

Sash windows can be maintained and restored with reliance on an experienced and reputable repair service. Experts in the industry are able to provide high quality solutions that will last for an extended period of time and ensure that the charm of such traditional structures remain intact. Protecting such architecture can improve the value of the property and minimize further decay and deterioration.

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