Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Sash Windows And Their Inherent Benefits

Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Sash Windows And Their Inherent Benefits

It was in 1670 that the first sash window design is believed to have hit the scene. This is a French-inspired window design that quickly became popular among British royals. Now, it can be found in homes all throughout the world. Sash windows have definitely evolved throughout the years, but they have remained a very popular option throughout the centuries. Following are several, important reasons why.

One of the most important things to know about these structures is that they are incredibly, aesthetically appealing. They are comprised of a minimum of two panes, with one positioned in front of the other. They are opened by a counterbalanced system of lead weights and rope pulleys and move up and down in a vertical fashion. Some sash window designs feature many, small-sized panes that are separated or connected by glazing bars. This gives them their unique look and provides an increased amount of home security.

You may be curious to know why this particular style of window is capable of making homes more secure. If a single, small-sized pane breaks out, there will not be sufficient room to allow an intruder to come in. It will not be possible for this individual to pass through this tiny opening and more importantly, the glazing bars that separate each pane will further prevent entry. This, however, is hardly the sole security benefit of having these units installed. With sashes, it is possible to lock windows even when they are open and in use. You can lift or lower your sash partially to let a cool breeze in and can then lock it in a fixed position. In this way, sashes have been making it possible for homeowners to comfortably and peacefully sleep at night with their windows open, without having to worry about problems with unauthorized home access.

It is important to note that these remain among the most efficient window designs in all of the world. This is because they are largely comprised of real wood which has impress, natural insulating properties. Wood is understood to be a very poor conductor of heat which makes it a much more suitable form of window insulation than either steel or aluminum. It also has an incredibly low, coefficient of expansion. While other window materials can expand and contract substantially when exposed to any extremes of hot and cold, these units will remain tight, stable and secure.

There is also the fact that these designs offer some of the best built-in ventilation possible. This is incredibly good news when they are installed in dated properties that lack central air conditioning systems due to the challenges of installing duct-work post-construction. With a good sash window style in place, people can simply open their windows a small bit to generate a strong cross breeze. This effectively clears out warm, stagnant air to replace it with fresh cool air. Beyond creating a more comfortable, indoor living area, it can also flush out a lot of indoor contaminants. As such, sash window styles can actually play an important role in improving overall indoor air qualities.

People should know that it is currently possible to invest in sashes that represent the very best of the old and the new. This means that these windows can feature the finely, hand-crafted hardwood that is associated with authentic, sash window styles as well as the innovative double glazing technologies that have quickly replaced single pane designs. With these options, two separate panes of glass are present within each glazing section. Moreover, argon gas is used to fill the space between these so that an effective barrier exists between the indoor environment and the outdoor air.

These innovative options can also boast a variety of additional, modern and beneficial features. For instance, beyond the double glazing, homeowners can invest in sashes that have special, UV coatings for keeping them safe. These coatings are designed to keep harmful UV rays out of the home. Beyond preventing sun damage to the skin, this feature can additionally protect upholstered furnishings, carpeting and other decorative elements from sun fading.

Longevity is a key factor to account for when weighing the merits of this window style. Certain sashes have literally been around for centuries. This is because natural hardwood can be a very enduring material. Homeowners simply have to make sure to paint or stain their windows at regular intervals in order to prevent moisture problems like wood rot. Diligence in this area can also prevent all common problems with insects and other pests. The windows that are currently in place at London’s famed Ham House have actually been present for over 300 years, which is surely impressive. Many homeowners who diligently maintain these structures never need to replace them at any point in their own lifetimes. At the very least, people are guaranteed to recoup their investments when purchasing these amazing home additions.

Although these units have been around for seemingly forever, they still appeal to modern preferences and tastes. This is all the more true for those who are environmentally-conscious and in search of truly sustainable building solutions. Wood takes far less energy to harvest and prepare for these applications than does either aluminum or PVC. Moreover, the best sash suppliers are committed to only working with ethical materials suppliers that source their products in a truly sustainable fashion. With sash window manufacturing, a single company can tightly control the production process from end to end. This is not true with other, mass-produced window styles. Aluminum and vinyl windows often involve the use of countless, third-party businesses. This results in lower levels of all-around quality control, and often far less efficient building practices overall.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sash window installation is the undeniable effect that it has on overall property values. Buyers are definitely attracted to homes that feature these products. This is all the more true when double glazing technologies and even special, UV coatings have been incorporated into these designs. As such, improvement projects involving sash window repairs, upgrades an installations can result in more sweat equity, higher resale values and dramatic increases in overall marketability. These projects are also, undeniably capable of creating far more pleasant living environments as well.

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