Healthy and Safety

Health & safety at Mortice and Green

mortice & Green reviews its health and safety policy on a regular basis to ensure both our clients and workers can be assured of excellent working environment and conditions with as minimal risks as possible.

There are several window repair and replacement companies across the UK. However, Mortice and Green Sash Window Repairs continues to be a beacon of excellence in this challenging and competitive industry. With years of extensive industry experience, they also take health and safety very seriously. This is why they utilize green and environmentally friendly options with all window replacements, refurbishments, and installations. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation today.
Since 1994, the company has met the needs of numerous residential and commercial clients across the UK. This includes professional sash window repairs, along with renovation, refurbishment, and manufacturing of bespoke reproduction wooden windows. Based in London, the company is family run and always offers free service estimates and quotes at their website. They also specialize in Draught Proofing, Rattle Free Windows, and guarantee professional and high-quality services at every turn.

When most people think of window replacement companies, they tend to look at only those services. In fact, companies like Mortice and Green perform a number of intricate adjustments, modifications, and repairs that truly protect homes and businesses for years to come. This includes environmentally safe tools and products, which never emit harmful odors inside or outside the property.
Draught proofing installations include brush piles integrated with parting and staff beads. This helps prevent window rattling and shattering, especially during harsh weather patterns. These techniques also ensure sound proof elements, which refortify and keep all sash windows firm and in place. In addition, installations guarantee protection against loss of heat, while keeping properties nice and cool during those scorching London summer months.

Sash window renovations are also a specialty of Mortice and Green. In fact, they work diligently to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. This includes replacing outdated or damaged sash cords and re-balancing all sliding sash windows. This helps open and close the windows without any problems or obstacle that hinder overall performance.
As part of this refurbishment process, pulley wheels, locks, and catches will be replaced as well. The original parting and staff beads will also be replaced by replica timber beads. Sash window decorations and especially interior and exterior painting can also be done to correlate with existing decor. This helps add true value to any property, while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all your loved ones and domesticated pets.
With quality workmanship and a strong eye for detail, customers are guaranteed cost-affordable and professional window replacement services across the board. In fact, the company is heralded for possessing superior window repair knowledge and excellent customer care. This is why they continue to receive stellar industry ratings, customer reviews, and top citations across the Web. While other companies only care about the dollar value, Mortice and Green treat all customers like family and truly go above and beyond the call of duty to meet client needs within time and budget.

From new homes and remodels to existing and vintage properties, the company provides comprehensive and cohesive window services for all properties. This includes single-pane, double-pane, and even thermal based windows and accessories. They also feature the best products that have been tested for security and received timely certification. This is an important aspect of installing windows that are strong, durable, and designed to last for years to come.
As your premier UK sash window repair company, Mortice and Green are professionally trained restorative joiners. From Oak sash windows to draught proofing, they can truly repair and replace all types of windows. This includes wooden windows, along with restoring existing units based on specific client needs and aspirations. As always, the team will consult with all clients before work commences. This allows a free exchange of ideas and suggestions, which can easily be put to fruition by highly-dedicated window installers and maintenance professionals.
If you are tired of dealing with contractors or home insurance agencies, one phone call gets you the best and most honest window repair services in the Greater London Area. Why deal with larger national sash windows companies when the experts are just a phone call or e-mail away? In fact, our company strictly abides by all health and environmental guidelines when it comes to products, services, and accessories. This means all window replacements and refurbishments are performed to ensure maximum safety, convenience, and affordability for all new and existing clients.

Based in Central London, the company features sash window repair workshop in West London. This enables them to offer high-quality refurbishment services throughout all London regions and locales with ease. Window professionals also travel to different areas and cities upon request. This helps ensure timely, effective, and lasting services for all homes, businesses, warehouses, schools, entertainment centers, and any and all venues that require window replacements or new installations.
As part of the company guarantee, no sales people and work is ever sub contracted out. This means you get services directly from technicians and specialists that work for Mortice and Green. The company does handle large volumes of window repairs but never to the point where any customer does not received personalized attention. This enables them to ensure customer satisfaction across the board, along with achieving all repairs, modifications, and desired results.

As always, your premier UK windows company is committed to safety with all projects. This means they never, ever use sub-standard or generic equipment, tools, and products for any projects. No job is ever too big or small, and they are fully certified and insured to handle all windows brands and accessories. These are the cornerstones of the company, which has successfully serviced Greater London homes and businesses for well over 25 years.

If you are in need of new windows or simple adjustments and enhancements, contact Mortice and Green today and get the best services you deserve. You can also check the social media networks and Google for company reviews, customer testimonials, and more information on services areas in and around Greater London. You can also visit our website to access all the window services and repairs we offer for one and all.