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Sash Window Draught Proofing London

Part of any good quality wooden sash window renovation service should definitely include draught proofing or insulation of some kind. The reason draught proofing is so important when carrying out sash window renovation is the fact that all your sash cords and parting beads will all need to be removed and replaced as part of the renovation work and this is the ideal time to install the draught proofing system. Once the window is fully renovated and refurbished the window can be painted further enhancing the aesthetics of your original period sash windows. Once your windows are renovated all the windows will slide up and stay up and when closed they should be draught free and secure. Call us for Sash window repairs today to see just what we can do for you!

Sash Window Restoration London

Sash window restoration is the process of fully renovating and refurbishing your sash windows, replacing all sash cords, replacing all the beading with new and also doing all work that is necessary to ensure the window works as it was intended. On top of the sash window repair and renovation works the restoration process should also include the complete removal of all the many layers of old paint from both the sliding sash windows and also the box itself. Once the paint has been removed the windows and box can be repaired and re painted with results that can literally be breath taking. Your old box sash windows can look as good as new with a little TLC and wooden sash window repairs give us a call today!

Sash Window Renovation London

Renovation of your wooden sash windows is a great alternative to replacement, you may think that because your sash windows are hard to open (or impossible in some cases!) that you need to replace them with new, but this is not always the case. With sash window renovation carried out by an expert sash window repair service your tired dysfunctional sash windows could end up becoming a feature piece for your home. We provide many levels of sash window renovation in London from basic refurbishment to full renovation which will include replacement catches, lifting hooks and restriction bolts if required. We believe that your sash windows deserve the best so Call Mortice & Green Sash window repairs London Today!

Why Wooden Windows Trump Plastic And Metal Frames In Overall Quality And Insulation

Mortice & Green produce and refurbish wooden sash windows in London. There are countless options in vinyl, plastic and metal framed windows. Consumers and construction companies alike are attracted to these options due to their affordability and the availability of many different colours and styles. When it comes to overall integrity and optimal aesthetics, however, nothing trumps wooden windows. Following are several reasons why.
These are by far the most durable and energy-efficient options on the market. These products can have a significant impact on the curb side appeal of your property and can make it far more marketable and valuable overall. Not only will you find it easier to sell your property after having these installed given the greatly increased ease in finding interested and qualified buyers, but you’ll additionally have the ability to set a higher asking price.

It is also important to consider the fact that these have recently become a standout addition. This is because more plastic, vinyl and metal frames are being used in new construction than ever before, due to the relative cheapness of these materials. Adding these lesser styles is a great way for builders and developers to control their costs. Vinyl and aluminium options are marketed largely on the basis that they are incredibly versatile and thus, it is possible to find a style that complements the design accents of every home. When it comes to all-wood options, however, you can find countless hardware configurations along with multiple styles, colours and grilles. You can stain these additions or paint them virtually any colour you want.
What a lot of homeowners do not know is that products like these can be purchased under a full 50 year warranty. Best of all, this warranty can be easily transferred from one owner to the next. This is another strong selling point when putting a home on the market. Prospective buyers can rest assured that if something should go wrong with any of these units, they can simply have them replaced or repaired free of charge.

At the property exterior, a strong and durable wood cladding can prevent damage from the outside elements. This cladding also assists in sealing in heat and cold so that indoor heating and cooling systems do not have to work as hard during the coldest periods of winter or the hottest periods of summer. This additionally limits contortion that occurs as the result of temperature changes. Cladding is even believed to limit the amount of touch-up painting or repainting that homeowners will have to do in order to keep their property exteriors looking amazing.

A lot of people are surprised to discover that wooden windows are far more energy-efficient than their vinyl and metal counterparts. Although these units are significantly more costly, wood designs can have a very limiting impact on overhead costs. With less energy used, people can look forward to significantly lower energy bills for quite some time. Moreover, with warranties that last for up to five full decades, these products are unlikely to require replacements just a short time after installation. As such, they are investments that are virtually guaranteed to pay for themselves over time.

For these and many other reasons, upgrading to wooden windows is considered to be one of the best forms of sweat equity that homeowners can invest in. This is especially true when they have a composite cladding on their exterior. These units can be easily customised to suit the design and style of the home and can be stained or painted according to the home owners goals and needs. Moreover, given that these upgrades are in a class of their own, they are also great for making a property stand out in a veritable sea of similar-looking homes.

One of the most surprising benefits of these products, however, is the fact that they have a very limited impact on the environment. Although these structures are directly derived from natural trees, they are built to last, and thus, there is not an ongoing demand for replacement materials. Conversely, the production methods for vinyl options do not draw upon actual timber stores, but they do release a lot of harmful global emissions into the air. Thus, this is one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly additions that you can actually make to your home. It actually takes eight times the amount of energy that it requires to manufacture a wooden window to manufacture one that is made from PVC.
Thus, if your greatest concern is protecting the environment, opting for these natural and long-trusted designs could be your best bet.