Recent London Projects

A gallery of Recent Sash Window repairs & Replacement wooden windows in London

Double Glazed Wooden Windows
The glass we use for our reproduction windows is the same glass that was used on Channel 4's Grand designs. By using this super thin double glazed unit we are able to produce exact reproduction wooden windows that are sympathetic to your period London home. Click Gere
Sash window repairs London 1
Many sash windows we see throughout London have already been condemned by the owner due to repeatedly being told by other sash window repair companies that they require full replacement. Just take a look at the state of this sash window, and then see on for the results we achieved after repairs! Go to link
Sash Window Repairs London 2
On further inspection we discovered the decay and rot in the window sill had spread into the box sash window frames. This is however not a problem for the specialist sash window repair experts at Mortice & Green! See the next image for the expert wooden window repair methods that we employ Go to link
Sash Window Repairs London 3
After removing all soft, wet and rotten sections of the sash window and sill the exposed surfaces are treated to stabilise and prevent rot from reappearing in the future. then the cavity is rebuilt using hardwood sections hand cut bespoke for each and every repair we undertake. Go to link
Sash window repairs London 4
Using sections of hardwood cut by hand and inserted into the areas to rebuild the damaged sash windows. Skilful sash window repairs are carried out by our in house sash window restoration specialists with many years of experience repairing wooden windows in London. Go to link
Sash window repairs London 6
With the wooden windows fully repaired and redecorated to match the surrounding paintwork, yet another happy client of Mortice & Green!
Double Glazed Wooden Windows London
You may be forgiven for thinking that we fully replaced the entire box sash windows with new, this is not the case however. We manufactured reproduction double glazed sliding sash windows to match the original single glazed sash windows and fitted them into the existing period frames. With the box frames fully restored they look as good as new! Go to link
Wooden Windows London
This property now benefits from double glazed wooden windows without damage to the charm and characteristic features this period property has. This property is in a very strict conservation area in London, but the client was still able to replace the sash windows as the wooden windows that we produce are exact matches of the original existing sash windows. Go to link
Casement windows and doors
We also produce hardwood casement windows and doors of the highest quality you will find in London. As you can see these doors and windows have quite an elaborate design which we replicated exactly even with the double glazed units inserted the property has retained is period charm and style. Go to link
Beautiful Sash windows in London
One of our projects last summer, the sash windows have been fully restored and now look and function as new windows. For sash window repairs in London and all your wooden window requirements call us today! We Repair, We refurbish and We replace all types of wooden windows in London. Go to link
Sash Window Repairs London 5
Now the sash window repair is almost complete you can not see any evidence that there was ever a problem with the window. Using techniques such as this we are able to repair and restore all types of wooden windows achieving results that will last for many years to come. This client had been told by countless other sash window repair specialists including a very well known national sash window company that the entire box sash window required full replacement Go to link
Sash Windows London
We repair sash windows and all types of wooden windows and doors. the picture above is a clear example of a sash box frame that has been fully repaired and restored with new double glazed wooden sash windows inserted to upgrade the sash window to be a modern energy efficient window with out impacting on the beauty of this historical London home. Go to link

The gallery above contains images and descriptions of work that we have carried out both recently and historically, as you can see, sash window repairs are not the only services that we provide.

We provide all types of wooden window repair and replacement services and specialize in upgrading period sash windows and casement windows to be more energy efficient. We have been manufacturing bespoke replacement hardwood sash windows and casement windows since 1994 in our west London workshop and we are extremely proud of the reproduction sash windows we produce.

Able to reproduce exact replica Victorian & Edwardian wooden windows made entirely from solid Oak all with discreet slim-line double glazing, these handcrafted reproduction wooden windows can be retro fitted into your existing frames to transform your period home into a modern energy efficient home without impacting on its original character and charm.

We welcome you to preview the images above to see for yourself just what we are able to achieve, many of the sash windows we repair and replace have been condemned by other sash window repair companies but we on the other hand have the ability to part repair/restore and part replace ensuring you retain as much of the original window as possible.

Do you live in a conservation area?

Not a problem!

We are expert sash window manufacturers and specialist sash window repair craftsmen. If you live in a conservation area you must ensure that the windows that you replace match the original windows exactly or you could land yourself in deep water.

Mortice and Green sash window repairs have built a reputation over the years for the unique ability to reproduce exact replicas of your single glazed wooden windows and even supply the windows double glazed if required.

For more information on sash window repairs, sash window replacement and any wooden window requirements you may have
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