Double Glaze Existing Sash Windows

Why Installing Double Glazed Sash Windows Is A Better Option Than Single
Glazed Windows

If your home has single glazed sash windows, you may have already noticed that your rooms feel hotter in summer and colder in winter. Aside from the room temperature, noise pollution can also easily enter the home and the glass can be broken with one single knock. Due to these problems, many homeowners opt for double glazed sash windows rather than single glazed ones.
Double glazing is the best way to create an insulating layer between two glass panes. This type of frame works better in keeping the cold out and retaining the heat when compared with single glazing. Many older homes with sash windows tend to be single framed, however, as more and more people are realizing the benefits of these frames, they opt to install them in their homes.
Although thermos-pane or double-glazed sash windows are somewhat more expensive than single-paned ones, you can increase the value of your property by opting for these frames. The reason they cost more is because you will need to fit entirely new units rather than simply fitting a second sheet of glass to single glazing units.

In order for these units to be effective against cold and hot weather, the gap between the glass panes must be airtight or filled with a vacuum. When every window in your home needs replacing, a window specialist will come to your house and measure the panes before installing them. Make sure you choose the most appropriate frames to match your sash panes as you will want to retain the character of your home.
One of the biggest benefits you will gain by replacing your existing frames with thermos-panes is the increase in your home’s energy efficiency. These types of frames stop the heat from escaping from your home and therefore, end up saving you money on utility bills. This is especially true if you opt for oak frames as they last up to 20 years or more. This hardwood material will complement your sash window nicely and retain its character.

Thanks to the airtight construction of these frames, optimal thermal insulation is created. As a result, the flow of incoming and outgoing heat is reduced and less energy is consumed for warming or cooling the rooms. To increase the insulation of your sash window, you can always add a third layer of glass for maximum protection against heat loss. This will obviously need to be carried out by sash window specialists.
Older homes tend to suffer from excess moisture and condensation. Moisture can lead to mold formation and adversely affect your health. It can also make the room feel colder and force you to turn up your heating. Two-glass panes prevent the air between the glass to escape and stop the formation of condensation by blocking moisture.

The other major advantages of thermos-panes include sound insulation. These types of frames improve sound insulation by forming a barrier between the outside environment and the home. What is more, such frames are harder to break than single paned ones so they maximize the security of the home. By ensuring the gaps are sealed tightly, it will be tougher for burglars to break them open from the outside.
Secondary glazing can minimize damage to furnishings and prevent too much heat enter the room. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your carpet, furniture, and other objects in the rooms. Once these furnishings are damaged, they cannot be repaired. This is the same case with two-paned frames. You must therefore, ensure that the seals are airtight as condensation can occur between the panes. Since the frames are already sealed, you will not be able to pull them apart and fix the problem. You will have to replace the entire window.
A traditional home with character and architectural style should not have PVC window frames as this look will be somewhat mismatched. Most homeowners with older homes opt for sash frames that are made from oak.

Oak frames can also be fitted as two-paned units without the need to opt for PVC. There are many specialist companies that can refit these types of frames on older homes. Oak is a type of hardwood that will last for up to 20 years as long as it is regularly stained and treated.
Two-paned units cost more than single glazing units, however, you should consider the amount of energy savings you get in the long term as well as many other advantages that have already been mentioned. To ensure that you get the most out of your two-paned units, look for the following:
Make sure you choose frames that come with a thermal or plastic section in the middle. These are made from an insulating material such as wood. If you opt for hardwood, it is less likely to attract condensation as long as it is pre-treated in the factory. Oak frames generally tend to lose less heat than aluminum frames. When you compare the two frames, you will notice that aluminum frames can break easily and lose heat by 20 percent.

The low E glass or low-emissivity lets light and heat in but it reflects draught back inside the room. With low E glass cuts cause less heat loss by up to 30 percent. The multiple layers of good quality seals keep moisture, draughts and noise away. You must make sure the joints between the glazing unit and the frame is properly sealed.
The spacers used to separate the glass panes should be made of stainless steel or plastic rather than aluminum. This will reduce moisture and heat loss from the edges of the glass. Gas filling such as argon is an excellent insulator than plain air as it minimizes heat loss by up to 10 percent. It is therefore, best to avoid two-paned frames that are air filled.
Look for Energy Star window units. These are a step up in energy efficiency and performance. In fact, you will enjoy a drier and more comfortable home. The energy star frames minimize heat loss by more than 20 percent so they are worth considering for older homes. To weigh up all your options, look for a reputable window specialist company in your area.