Sash Cord Repair & Replacement

Sash Cord Repair & Replacement Service – From as little as £45 per cord

Do you have sash windows that either do not open or are very hard to open? The likely cause of the problem is broken or worn sash cords. Mortice & Green provide sash cord replacement services throughout London at a fixed price per cord or we can repair all four sash cords for a reduced price of £100 for the first cord and then only £45 per additional cord if all four cords are replaced on the same visit.
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Broken Sash Cords Repaired from £45

If you have a broken sash cord then replacement is just a phone call away, we have been repairing sash windows since 1994 and consider ourselves experts at replacing sash cords.
We provide a fixed price per sash cord depending on how many sash cords require replacement and with each cord costing as little as £45 each we are the best value sash cord replacement service in London!

Replacement Sash Cords from £45

High quality sash cord repairs if we replace a sash cord we will automatically check the other sash cords to ensure that they are in good order.
Typically if one sash cord has broken then we will normally advise you to have the other three sash cords replaced at the same time.
Did you know that there are 4 sash cords on every box sash window?

Quality Sash Window Repairs

All the replacement sash cords that we provide come with a five year guarantee for your total peace of mind and remember, the more sash cords that we replace the better the price we can give you!
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Price per cord as low as £45 each – repairs throughout London daily!
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