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    We manufacture bespoke wooden windows made to measure sash windows and casement windows. Also providing a full manufacture and fit service, hardwood double glazed sash windows to fit your existing frames. Let Mortice & Green transform your old single glazed sash windows into modern double glazed sash windows today! Wooden windows to make any London property look awesome!

Wooden Windows London

It would be fair to say that wooden windows are the most durable type of window compared to others manufactured from other materials available.
A simple stroll around a city like London or say Edinburgh will reveal literally thousands of wooden windows many of which that are astonishingly well over a hundred years old!
The types of windows commonly found in London are typically either box sash windows or casement windows with many historic properties having sliding sash windows to the front elevation and casement windows to the rear. Good examples of this can be found in West London, such properties are predominantly of this nature.

The reason for having sash windows to the front and casement windows at the rear is probably down to cost. Sliding sash windows cost significantly more than casement windows but the sash window looks far more elegant so as the saying goes “first impressions last” it makes sense that the designers often chose sash windows as a display of both wealth and style!

This is not to say that wooden windows are of a better quality than other windows manufactured from modern materials, modern building regulations stipulate that all new replacement windows all have minimum quality standards so regardless of the window you choose whether it be timber or any other material the quality should be the same or very similar.

The reason for the wooden windows proven longevity is purely down to the fact that timber is a maintainable natural product and can be, when required repaired using basic joinery techniques.
As the wooden window deteriorates with time, repairs can be made to the joints and anything else with relative ease.
This is not the same case for upvc windows or metal windows however.
Repairs to windows manufactured from plastic for example are not achievable to the same extent as a wooden window due to the nature of the material itself and its work-ability.

The lifespan of wooden windows can be several generations or more so although one may pay more for timber windows with the right care and attention they will out live the original owner by many decades to come.

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The Many Benefits Of Wooden Windows Over Plastic Or Metal

UPVC windows are most commonly used in Europe and have over the years, become quite popular with homeowners. In fact, you can see plastic double glazing in many new-build homes and apartments. There are however, homeowners who live in listed properties and prefer wooden windows over man-made ones.
Wooden frames look stunning on any property. Moreover, by opting for timber frames, you will have a wide variety of wood options to choose from including, mahogany, pine, oak, or maple. Wooden frames for window can be painted to suit your taste and match the decor of your home. These types of windows are more eco friendly than UPVC and they are capable of reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere.
On the other hand, UPVC is produced in such a way that it releases harmful chemicals into the air. By using wood instead, you can make the best environmentally friendly decision, especially if the wood you choose is from sustainable sources. The best thing about timber window frames is that they can last for many years whereas the average UPVC window may not last any longer than 10 years.

As long as your timber windows are properly maintained, they will resist wear and tear. Remember that timber is a natural product and acts as an insulator that keeps home temperature comfortable. Due to its natural insulation, the heat is retained within your home. As a result, this lowers carbon emissions and you will end up paying less for your electricity bills.
Even though timber window frames require regular maintenance and weather-proofing in order to keep them in good condition, annual staining and painting will not only keep them looking attractive, but they will also be able to resist the elements. If you think UPVC windows are maintenance free, think again. Contrary to popular belief, UPVC window frames do not cope well in freezing temperatures or intense heat of the sun. What is more, they cannot be repaired easily once they are damaged.

Manufacturers of PVC window frame use six times more energy to produce such products. This creates 6 million tonnes of waste in a 5 year period. Timber on the other hand, does not produce as much waste and can easily be recycled, but 80 percent of PVC waste materials go into landfill and only 3 percent can be recycled.
The high performance timber windows are not necessarily more expensive than PVC. You get a wide variety of choices since wooden frames are made in many different designs. Although maple is the cheapest type of wood you can find, to opt for a more durable material, you may prefer mahogany, which is costlier.

When you opt for classic window frames for your home, you can be sure that your timber frames will last much longer than metal or PVC frames. But there are still people who switch to PVC because it does not rot and costs cheaper. This may sound great, however, there are many disadvantages to replacing your wooden frames with PVC or metal.
If you live in a cold climate or there are lots of woodland around you, it will be important to keep warm during the extremely cold winters. Over the years, more and more people have realized that they must adapt to using natural resources to keep them warm. By using efficient building materials, they are not only keeping the environment safe, but they will also benefit in the long term by enhancing the value of their property. Although many new homes nowadays feature PVC windows, they lack the character that wood portrays.

In addition, wood is a natural material that protects your home from the cold. If you take a look at the innovative designs that are currently available on the market, you will see that they are combined with double or triple glazing. While it is true that some people are discouraged by wood as it may rot, by maintaining the frames once a year, the material will last for decades.
Older properties mostly come with sash windows, which are made of wood. These are well-seasoned and high quality materials that were made during post war period. Historic windows have survived for centuries only because they are maintained properly. On this current market, timber windows account for 30 percent of the products sold each year. 50 percent of these timber frames are used by the public sector and the remaining is by the private establishments.

While timber comes in many different types of quality and finishing, over the last decade or so, the evolution of timber in terms of style, durability, and price has been significant. Most manufacturers finish and treat the timber in order to protect it against rot. The frames are also fully protected against UV light and water. The ultra modern performance of timber frames means they can last for decades and remain rot free for up to 20 years or more. The factory glazing and dual sealing help enhance the life of the frames. In addition, the innovative design further lengthens the life of the wood.

Some people find maintenance a real challenge, but no material, whether it is metal, plastic, or aluminium is maintenance free despite what the sales agents tell you. The sophisticated developments in timber design have led to products that can withstand damp penetration and allow wood to breathe. In fact, you can say goodbye to all that peeling or blistering paint that used to come off your timber frames. The factory finished frames need no repainting for up to 5 years.

The modern designs also minimize preparation unlike PVC where the exact shade of color needs to be found in order to suit your property. While it is true that wood does require some maintenance, the modern timber frames are much easier to look after than their predecessors. Perhaps the only maintenance you need to do is to wash down the frames once a year and lubricate the joints.
Depending on how much exposure your frames face, the factory finished windows will need an initial coat of paint once every 10 years. This will keep them in their original condition and allow you to change the color whenever you want. But if you had opted for UPVC or metal frames, you will not be able to re-coat the frames. What is more, wood is much easier to repair than PVC.