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Sash Window Repairs London

Here a Mortice & Green sash window repairs London we provide all your sash window repair needs from complete sash window restoration to pretty much all kinds of minor and major sash window repair services. Our London sash window repair service can replace broken sash cords, replace rotten sills and we can even carry out full sash window draught proofing to help ensure your sliding sash windows are as energy efficient as possible.

Sash window repairs in London by a family run London sash window renovation service that cares about you and your windows.

Not only do be provide sash window repairs we can also repair all types of wooden windows and even wooden doors!

We specialize in the restoration of wooden windows so whether your windows are sash windows or casement windows

give Mortice & Green sash window repairs a call today to see what we can do for you.

Rotten wooden Windows? Have you been told that you need to replace the wooden windows with new expensive windows?

Do not replace your sash windows until you have spoken to us, we can restore your original wooden sash windows and repairs the sash windows giving them a new lease of life. Once all the sash windows are fully draught proofed and renovated you will see a major difference in the thermal qualities and will probably not think again about replacement sash windows.

The true London based sash window repair expert Mortice & Green sash window repairs

A Brief History About Double Glazed Windows And The Advantages Of Replacement Windows For Your Home
Double glazing is the use of double insulated panes of glass to reduce sound and heat transmission. Most standard single-glazed windows are not adequate for preventing heat from escaping through your house. As a result, you will end up paying more for your cooling and heating bills. To know more about the advantages of replacement windows and who invented them, read this article.
According to historians, double glazed windows and doors were believed to have been invented by Scottish families who resided in large Victorian homes. As their old window and door was not enough to insulate their house, they were forced to think of a better solution. The double glazing technology gradually made its way to the US in the 1930s. By 1950, many people enjoyed the immense benefits of Thermopanes as invented by the American inventor, C. D. Haven.
However, it was not until a few decades later that the UK market decided to follow the trend. The main reasons for the late reception were due to the high cost of double glazed windows for average homeowners and the fact that they did not think they needed them at the time. It was not until 1980s when UK households finally realized that much of the heat used to warm homes escapes through single glazed windows.
As energy prices soared, cheaper materials for double glazing were used so more and more homeowners started replacing their single glazed windows with double glazed ones. When you take into account how expensive wooden frames are plus the amount of staining and polishing you would need to do, it makes sense to opt for UPVC alternatives. These are more energy efficient and cost effective in the long term.
Today, double glazing is about more than just luxury or need-based. It has become big business and a popular home improvement option. Many manufacturers are now producing top of the range double-layered windows with the latest technology. If you are considering this option, here are some of the main benefits explained.
To enjoy a peaceful home, you can opt for double glazing in order to keep out the outside noise. The excellent sound insulation that double glazing benefits from will prevent annoying sounds like dog barking or noisy neighbors from being heard inside your home. But aside from the noise, your energy bills will also get lower. In fact you can save up to 40 percent on your heating costs by replacing your single glazing.
Most burglars tend to enter homes through doors or windows. Modern double glazing uses multi level locking technology with secure UPVC framing that deters intruders as it is harder to break into. In addition to being more secure, double glazing also reduces condensation in a home.
In many properties today, condensation can lead to further problems such as mold or mildew. Once condensation accumulates in your home, the moisture can drip down the window frame and damage the wooden panes. Your furniture can also get ruined with the high moisture levels. In fact, high levels of damp are the breeding grounds for mildew. As the glass of the double glazing is thick, it prevents the build-up of warm, moist air that can eventually lead to condensation.
The other advantage of double glazing is that it will help your house achieve a higher energy star rating. Newly built properties must meet a minimum of 6 stars so by installing double glazing, you can reduce your electricity bill. In fact, by achieving a higher star rating, you will see significant returns on your investment, which is an extra bonus.
According to a recent survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it was revealed that higher star ratings meant home sellers can ask for higher sale prices for their properties so the investment you make in double glazing will certainly pay off when you come to sell your home.

Most people are becoming more aware of global warming and climate change. As world temperatures are on the increase, the health safety of households and their family becomes poorer. However, double glazing can significantly minimize green house gas emissions from HVAC systems and as a result, help reduce your carbon footprint. This is one of the main advantages of double glazing that not only helps the environment, but it is also good for your health.

The History Of London

London is the most visited city in Europe according to international tourism operators. As a premier venue for guests and tourists, this historic metropolis is known for its landmarks and monuments. The city also features some of the top restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and a wide array of industries. If wondering about the history of London, you would need to go back to the times of the Roman Empire.

The Romans actually founded London back in the year 43. They named it Londinium and pretty much absorbed what would soon be a thriving city into their empire. Other incorporate towns, hamlets, and villages adjacent to the new city would soon be dominated by the Romans as well. For Londoners, they would make great strides in farming and agriculture on the banks of the River Thames. With farming and trade also came commerce, which help helped expand the small city into a thriving and growing metropolis.
Modern day London is actually considered small as compared to Greater London. The latter is a metro plex that includes Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire, and even parts of Middlesex County. The actual city of London, however, is smaller in size and restricted to boundaries known as city limits. This area is governed by a mayor and the London Assembly, while the GLA has several mayors and government officials.
As an international city, London is blanketed by top notch restaurants, art museums, fine arts expositions, and an established fashion and nightlife scene. The area also features a wide array of industries, along with commercial and business districts. In fact, many people relocate to the London to open new businesses in several capacities, niches, and industries. The area is also home to established industries, including tourism, transportation, trade, entertainment, development and healthcare.
London is also considered the cultural epicenter of Europe. With over 300 languages spoken, the area is a hustling and bustling scene of international transplants, immigrants, and locals alike. While London is synonymous with fine beer and fish and chips, the city has a vibrant and energetic international cuisine presence. From Indian and Chinese to Spanish and East African, you will find all kinds of delicious foods and beverages all across the city.
Languages spoken in and around London include English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Swahili, Spanish, and so much more. With a diverse and ethnically rich population, this city is truly the cradle of cultural mosaics and experiences at every turn. As many know, London is also home to the largest city airport system in the world. This includes Heathrow and Gatwick, as well as smaller regional and local airports.
There are more businesses in London than any other city in Europe. One of the main attractions of the city is definitely its soccer and cricket clubs. While the city teams pale in comparison to legendary teams like Manchester United and Everton, the fact that is that so many people love local sports. This also includes American style football, along with leisurely sports like billiards and pool. Suffice to say, there are countless pubs, bars, pool halls, and even bowling alleys in the Greater London Area.
London is also home to countless SEO agencies and digital marketing firms. In fact, the metropolis is ranked first in software design and digital development across the world. The city is also proud to have hosted the Summer Olympic games on three occasions. While the recent Brexit vote has disheartened many Londoners, the United Kingdom remains unified and continues to serve as a model for global pluralism and advancement. With over 13 million people across Greater London, the city continues to grow and expand at alarming rates.
From Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus and the West End, there is always something to do and see in London. This is why thousands of visitors come to this incredible and historic city each year. Whether in the mood for a cold pint or scrumptious appetizers and entrees, this city features world-class cuisine that will always dazzle your taste buds. For more information on scheduling bus or walking tours, simply speak to you local travel agent today.
You can also check the Internet to see which tours of the city are available. In fact, many people do not even plan ahead and simply like to discover the treasures of the metropolis on their own. From cozy bed and breakfast venues to the hottest nightlife attractions and clubs, there is simply something for everyone in this magical and fascinating city.