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Find Out Why Draught Proofing Your Sash Windows Is A Good Idea

If your sash windows are cold and make rattling noise during high wind or storm, it may be high time you did something about them. If your budget is tight, instead of replacing them, there are cheaper alternatives. In this article, find out why draught proofing your sash windows is a good idea.

Draught proofing historic windows will provide the insulation you need and fills any gaps they may have. A poorly kept window can cause draughts and make the living area uncomfortable during cold winter months. As a result, you will end up wasting money on heating bills and jeopardizing the environment.
The good thing about sash windows is they made in such a way that you can easily dismantle them for repair or modification. Many people think of replacement the minute something goes wrong with their panes. However, unlike UPVC, timber windows have lasted for centuries as long as they are properly maintained. By comparison, UPVC or plastic windows cannot be repaired easily, thus the homeowner has no choice but to replace them upon failure.
Double glazing is usually guaranteed for only ten years and is expensive to replace. Furthermore, it is made in such a way that it is not suitable for character buildings. In fact, unlike timber windows, plastic panes are completely unsuitable for use in listed or historic homes.

The most likely problems that you are likely to face with traditional timber sashes include failure of joints, rattling noise, draughts, or putty failure. These are the result of poor maintenance and lack of painting. But as far as droughts are concerned, these can be dealt with in a number of ways.
Timber sashes are typically single-glazed units that are notorious for being draughty. Sealing them is often a difficult task. This is because half of the window slides up and down and tends to tear off the glued seals. The gaps that appear in between the joints are irregular so it can be tricky to use traditional seals as they will only peel off.

It is also impossible to fill up the gaps between the spaces between the window halves, especially if you want to open the window in the summer. The solution to draught proofing any window, therefore, lies in room ventilation. Once you gain control of the ventilation in your rooms, you will be able to cut down on draughts.
If you are not keen on installing UPVC double glazing for your home, it is still possible to minimize draughts by making some modifications to the timber sashes. There are many weather strips that are on the market and come in wide variety of materials and styles. Compression strips that are normally made from foam substances are some of the most suitable materials to draught proof the window. There are also bristle strips that feature a brush-like bristle material.

A window foam seal is similar to a thick tape that is available in rolls. This comes in different colors and is easy to install as it is self-adhesive. This tape is cheap and can be found in most DIY stores. However, it does not work quite as effectively on sliding timber sashes. As an alternative, foam sealant can be sprayed into the holes around the windows but it is a more expensive option. For something that lasts longer, plastic or metallic brush strips work better than foam tapes.
A secondary glazing film that is transparent should always be avoided as a form of insulation. This product has been tested and results showed its lack of durability. Consumers found that the film stretches over time and can easily rip. It is best not to spend money on such products unless you are only temporarily draught proofing the timber sashes.

If you are opting for total insulation, it is important not to seal the entire home. Every room needs adequate ventilation, especially if there are open fires or flues. Avoid sealing bathroom and kitchen windows as this will prevent steam from escaping and cause condensation.
There are many positive reasons for draught proofing your windows. You can alleviate noise pollution, especially if you live on a busy road or close to the city. There are lots of disturbing sounds like trains, car alarms, ambulance or police sirens that can keep you awake at night. Draught proofing is the best way to minimize noise pollution. Sash windows often have gaps between the glasses so by covering these gaps; you will be able to live a more peaceful life.

If you have noisy neighbors during the day or night, this can make life unbearable, not just for you, but for the entire community. For instance, when kids are playing in the street and having fun, you will be able to hear all the noise. However, if all the sash window panes are properly sealed, you will experience less noise. You may even want to play loud music or watch TV without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. You will be able to do this if you seal the windows properly.
Another important advantage to sealing the gaps in your windows is the energy you will save. The biggest heat loss that a property can experience is through its doors or window panes. Once you rectify this issue, you will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Keep in mind that the better your home is sealed, the less heating or cooling it will need.
This will significantly increase its efficiency and the savings you make can add up over time.

If your HVAC system is working efficiently, it will create a more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. The heating and cooling units can only work efficiently if there are no draughts entering the rooms and no heat is escaping. If you are not a keen DIYer, consider contacting a professional window company to draught proof your sash windows for you. Look for these companies online by reading their customer testimonials and make sure you get a price quote first.