Sash windows

Sash windows

Sash windows

There are dozens of different window types out there, but finding the most stunning is probably quite a struggle. Well, it doesn’t need an answer from an expert like me; the answer is pretty simple; the most beautiful windows out there are sash windows. The traditional design is stunning, using timber, like the Victorian era.

Most of the World’s luxurious houses utilize the famous timber windows if done correctly. There are many Victorian houses still standing which use the old windows and the price of these houses are some of the most expensive in the United Kingdom. This can be for many reasons; whether it is their easy sliding feature or the amount of security they give.

All summer long the white paint will be glistening and it is wonderful to watch with the eye, from the outside. Timber only has to be repainted every 5-10 years, which is excellent as it will be glistening in the light for over 5 years before a tiny amount of money has to be spent on paint.

When you use timber windows in your house design the value of your house increases. So if you are planning on selling your house it would be a fantastic idea to add some traditional sash windows to improve the amount of money you will receive.

Wooden windows are miles better than aluminium or plastic windows for many reasons. One reason is that plastic windows are considerably weaker than wooden windows. For this reason, plastic windows are quite chunky and annoying. Each wooden piece is unique; however, their plastic and aluminium counterparts are always the same, making it much more boring. During the winter, wood is the best insulator of heat out of these options and even with poor quality glass, wooden frames will keep at a warm temperature. Lots of things can be done to wood after the window has been put in place. For example, wax could be put on the frame to ensure water doesn’t creep in and another layer of paint could be added, thickening or changing the colour. This cannot be done with the aluminium or plastic options. Finally, the durability of wooden windows is far superior to plastic and aluminium windows, with it being proven that wood lasts considerably longer.

There are hundreds of maintenance services for sash windows in London, but the best is uncertain for many. However, most experts, such as me, understand that Mortice and Green are the most efficient and are the best refurbishment, restoration, replacement and repair company for sash windows in the whole of London. On top of being a sash windows renovation service and sash window repairs company, they are also the best draught proofing company in the entire United Kingdom. This company has employees with high experience and training as it is a family run business. This means that the company have been home-trained, but by family members who are also professionally trained in the task. Mainly because of this reason, they provide honest feedback to help you, not from a business point of view, which is most profitable.

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