Mortice & Green Will Help You Save on Energy Bills

Mortice & Green Will Help You Save on Energy Bills

Homes that were constructed in the 1930s and earlier had and still have great looking sash windows. These are windows that have sashes or panels that slide either vertically or horizontally (one pane on top of the other) to open. These elegant windows are beautiful and do their function well if they are well-preserved. However, many people lack the knowledge on how to take care of, repair and maintain these windows. If you are among these you should not worry. Mortice & Green will help you with all this and much more.

Mortice & Green Sash Window Repair & Replacement is a company made up of a group of experts who know everything there is to know about windows. We are based in Central London and serve the people in all parts of London. People living in West London, Central London, East London and North West London can all benefit from our services. All you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of all issues that have anything to do with sash windows.

By talking to us, you will be preparing for a better looking and insulated house. We can refurbish your window, draught proof it, repair and/or replace it. Window refurbishment and renovation will involve the use of modern softwood that is strong and will last years if well-taken care of. The window will be reconstructed giving the home a new refreshing look. Why wood? It is energy-efficient, can be painted in any color you want and are long-lasting among other reasons.

If you do not want a renovation you can get the best window repair services from us. We do small and big repairs with an equal determination and aim to make the window perfect. Whether it is the sill that has the problem or it is the sash cords or any other part, we will handle it. A good choice that you can opt for is to keep the traditional charming looks of the old home by retaining the sash windows but replacing the glass with double glazed wooden glass windows. These will provide the occupants with a good insulation and let in enough light at the same time. The double-glazed windows by Mortice & Green are made to be an exact replica of the original ones. Passer-bys can never tell that the window is double glazed.

Other than the looks, double glazed windows are functional and confer many benefits. The main is that they provide insulation. They keep the heat out during summer and the cold out during winter. The house remains at the ambient temperature which reduces the need to use coolers and heaters respectively. This reduces energy bills hence saving money. These windows will also reduce noise and keep off UV radiations that cause curtains to fade.

Even if you do not want to have the double glazed glass windows installed in the house you can still save on those energy bills. How? Allow us to draught proof the windows. This will keep away that annoying cool air that can easily spoil a perfect night. We will seal the space letting air in with an appropriate material and your home will be comfortable once again and you will be saving on power bills using a fraction of the much you would have spent getting double-glazed windows.

Both options above are great but what is even better is getting your sash windows double glazed and then draught proofing them. Your home will be the better than before and all occupants will thank you for it.

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