Reason why wooden sash windows in north west London still maintain their popularity

Reason why wooden sash windows in north west London still maintain their popularity

Sash windows have been the standard for many years, and they impart a classic style that suits most homes. Originally they were hung with a system of weights and pulleys which today we hide down the side of the window frame. In recent years, another version of the sash window has become very popular: the double hung. With these windows, the lower half can be raised and the upper half can be lowered. This provides excellent ventilation and is also a good solution for children’s rooms because you can lower the top portion for air circulation without fear of the child falling out. They are even easy to clean as access to the outside pane is relatively easy. Thus, with summer in the air, many homeowners in North West London throughout will be looking to carry out home improvements which have become apparent during the cold winter we’ve recently experienced. One of these home improvements is that of replacing windows whose frames have seen better days, with new ones. However, despite the competition in the windows, many window specialists have found that wooden sash windows in London have managed to maintain their popularity with many homeowners – and for good reason.

For those who are looking to maintain the characteristics of an older building, wooden window frames – whether manufactured using softwood or hardwood make the ideal choice, as they blend perfectly with the outstanding decor, features of the property and local surroundings.

Despite the myth that uPVC windows provide more insulation, in reality, wooden frames are equally as good at keeping the heat in and the cold out. At the same time as being a great source of insulation, both softwood and hardwood frames are stronger than any kind of other frames, meaning they can withstand more pressure from the elements – and the football hitting them as the children play in the garden.

Maintenance and Durability:
Another myth which prevents some homeowners in West London from looking to invest in wooden sash window frames is that they require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain to look stunning. In reality, due to the high-quality timber used to manufacture the windows, this is no longer true. Instead, our wooden windows need minimal maintenance. Not only does the increased technology help reduce the amount of time needed maintaining windows, but it also puts wooden frames on an equal footing with other frames in terms of durability.

As more homeowners look for increased security within their premises, window manufacturers are increasing the security their frames offer – and double glazed wooden with an embedded beading helps to maximize the security of the windows.

The limited maintenance increased security and durability of the frames, help to ensure that the wooden window frames remain stunning for years to come when installed by an experienced and trained window fitter.

Whether you live in a quaint countryside cottage in North London which has held on to its traditional features, or a modern townhouse, you’ll be certain to find wooden sash windows which will complement the decor of your premises through your local window specialists

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