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Victorian Sash Windows | Mortice & Green

Sash windows are one of the most popular styles in the world, and especially in the U.K. Their timeless aesthetic never fails to impress.

Victorian homes were all about elaborate designs, ways to show off your wealth to your neighbours, and windows are no exception. During the Victorian era it was common for windows to have anything from 4 to 16 panes. The number of sash windows you had, as well as the size of them, indicated your wealth as homeowners. Nowadays, they are not so much a way to show off, but they do add value to your home.

What Makes Victorian Sash Windows Different?

Victorian sash windows are designed with a two over two panel grid on both bottom and top frames. These sash windows offer the perfect balance between ventilation and light. When originally installed these windows would have been single glazed, and so they would not have offered much protection from sound or heat loss, but now most have been replaced with double glazing. 

If you do still have the original single glazing we recommend switching it out for double glazing as this is much more energy efficient and sound proof.

Why Renovate Your Sash Windows?

Victorian sash windows that are double-glazed, secure and made from quality timber or uPVC materials offer a huge range of benefits. 

  • Easy to maintain: If your windows have been renovated they are relatively easy to maintain. Both timber and uPVC windows require a simple wipe down every few weeks to keep them sliding smoothly.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Original sash windows are not known for their energy efficiency, and so if you want to reduce your heating bill switching over to double glazing is a great idea. Double, or even triple, glazing can significantly reduce draughts and make your home feel comfortable whatever the weather. 
  • Enhanced Security: Single glazing is relatively easy to break through, and burglars would feasibly be able to unlock your window from the inside and climb in. Double glazing doesn’t present this issue. Renovated sash windows, with secure locking mechanisms, will help keep your window firmly in place.

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