Popular types of sash windows

Popular types of sash windows

Most windows appear similar. However, sash windows are unique in their own sense. Mortice and green are among the leading experts in sash window renovation. The service provider has been in the industry for decades. High-quality services are among the things that have kept the firm at the top of the game for years. When installing or renovating sash windows, you need to understand that there are different types. Mortice and Green team is well-equipped with the knowledge to handle repairs in different types of sash windows. Here are some of the popular sash windows on the market.

The Georgian Period
The Georgian period sash windows are considered the oldest surviving casement in the United Kingdom. The windows were first installed in the 1670s and they have remained popular among homeowners. The windows became more popular in 1720-1840. The windows have since been spread across different parts of the UK. The windows are preferred because they are not only simple in design but they are also cheap to install. Instant and affordable quotes offered by Mortice and Green allow homeowners to increase the value of their property without paying heavily. The six pan window configurations have remained among the most preferred choices among most homeowners over decades. Some homeowners prefer the double hang alternatives to make their property stand out from the rest. You can find more information from the Mortice and Green sash window restoration experts before installing this type of windows in your home.
The Victorian Era
The Victorians are known because of their innovativeness and love of technology. The sash windows designed using this technology have larger panes and different designs. The four-pane, as well as single pane, are among the most popular options that attracted many homeowners during this period.
The Edwardian Period
The Edwardian Period brought forth single pane design of windows. The windows were designed primarily to allow for more light to enter the houses. This is among the reasons they have become common in most parts of the United Kingdom since they entered the market. If you are looking for windows that will allow for adequate light to enter the home then the Edwardian type is the best to consider.
The Modern Era
The modern era has witnessed a number of changes in windows installation. It is now possible to replace and repair sash windows. Mortice and Green expert can fix modern windows regardless of the era in which they were designed. The introduction of double glazing and other options made them more popular on the market. Sash window draught proofing is equally an option in the modern era.
In conclusion, Sash windows are among the best options for homeowners. The windows are easy to install and energy efficient. Homeowners who want to protect their homes from intruders can consider this option. The windows are also easy to maintain compared to other choices. Property owners can choose from different types of sash windows discussed above to change the appearance of their homes. The Mortice and green team of sash window repairs can be consulted for more insights.

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