Sash Windows – Mortice & Green

Sash Windows – Mortice & Green

A sash window constitutes of one or more movable panels, also called “sashes”, and they form a frame to be able to hold panes of glasses. The panes of glasses are usually detached from each other using glazing bars or muntins as generally known in the US. Glazing bars or muntins are just molded strips of wood or metal.

Despite the fact that any window which incorporates this style of glazing is often officially considered as a sash, the word should ideally apply to only windows with glazed panels that are opened either by sliding horizontally or vertically. This style of sliding is known as sliding sash or a “Yorkshire light”.

The history of the sash window is a rich one. In terms of the place of invention and the one who invented sash windows, the two are not still clear. While some think England was where the sash window was invented, some think it is a Dutch invention. The oldest surviving installed sash window can be traced back to the 1670s in England.

Why are sash windows popular?

  1. Durable

As can be seen from the brief history, there exist sash windows at present that are more than 100 years of old. That is because of using traditional high quality wood, wooden windows,and proper maintenance. The modern uPVC /vinyl sash window is not that durable. After some time the plasticizer chemicals that are used to make the material flexible evaporates. This leads to the vinyl sashes being brittle and thus prone to breaking.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

While the slash window is able to serve its main function, it is also able to greatly improve the internal and external appearance of the building through its great design. That is especially true when wood is used and not plastic or aluminum windows. That improves the quality of your home.

  • Repairs are moderately simple

Sash windows made of wood are usually simple to repair especially if you have good woodworking skills. The same cannot be said of plastic or metal frames.

I must emphasize that maintenance and repair is the only way you will be able to have long lasting sash windows. And to your advantage, we are available to do just that as sash window repair specialists. Our company is the number one provider of sash window services London.

We have been around since 1994 and for that reason we are very experienced and trusted in handling any repair and maintenance that your window may need. Additionally, our small team is made up of highly skilled craftsmen in sash window repair. We repair slices/frames/sashes, Glass and putty, and broken window cords among other services.

Why use the services of Mortice and Green

Mortice and Green offer a number of services including sash window repairs, refurbishment, and restoration and replacement sash windows. That is enough reason that you should prefer our services, we are able to handle the different facets of repair and maintenance and our craftsmen are very qualified.

Secondly, if you choose us you choose high quality work. The high quality works are done by not only a professional team but also a highly experienced. Additionally, the high quality work can also be attributed to our production of the best quality hardwood in our workshop situated outside London.The work done will be able to last from between 3 years to 25 years. Through our website, you will be able to see our recent projects and Sash windows portfolio.

And lastly, the services that we offer even though are of high quality, they are pocket friendly compared to services offered by other sash window repair specialists. That is because we recognize the importance of a customer to our business and we care about their satisfaction, get value for their cash. Try contacting us today and you will be welcomed by our excellent and amazing customer care and let us attend to your repair and maintenance needs.

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