Replace or Repair my Sash Windows? | Mortice & Green

Replace or Repair my Sash Windows

Replace or Repair my Sash Windows? | Mortice & Green

For most people authentic sash windows will be something they want to keep and repair as opposed to replace. So how can you decide whether to invest in sash window repair or replace the entire thing? If you love the character your windows add to your house and you decide you want to keep them, the good news is that in most cases using the existing sash windows will result in short- and long-term cost savings.

Problems with Draught

If you have noticed that your windows let a lot of draught through, this is most likely due to warping of the wood. Most sash windows are wooden framed, and wood comes with its downfalls, it is very susceptible to the weather and can swell and distort, as well as rot entirely. If the wood shrinks, the windows can become rattly and loud, as well as let draught through as a gap forms between the two window elements. Fortunately, draught proofing is a very viable option, so don’t write off your sash windows just because the sills need replacing.

An expert will use a very discreet, non-restrictive draught seal around the existing window frame so the appearance will not be compromised. This seal can also reduce the amount of rattling your window makes as you slide it. Draught proofing can improve the ambient temperature of your home massively, something you should definitely notice in winter.

Sash Windows

Improving and Repairing Glass

Draught proofing may make some benefit to the temperature in your home, but the glass in your windows is another problem. Most older sash windows are only single glazed, and so they lose a fair amount of heat through the glass itself. Again, this is not something to worry too much about as it is fairly simple to fix. A sash window repair company can replace each individual pane of glass with a double-glazed pane, so you won’t sacrifice the overall look of your windows.

Instead of one single pane, double glazing is 2 separate panes with a space between them. T
This space used to be simply a vacuum but now it is filled with krypton or argon, the trapped gas between the two panes created a much better barrier between the outside temperature and the inside, it can also prevent condensation.

Noise Problems

Replacing the single pane glass with double glazing will also make a huge amount of difference to the noise pollution. This is particularly beneficial for sash windows in London, if you live near a main road and have single glazed windows it can sound like voices from outside are as close as your own living room. Double glazed windows can dampen sound by as much as 31 decibels.

Do They Need Replaced?

As mentioned above there are many ways of fixing up and repairing sash windows so if you really want to keep them, don’t lost hope. However, upgrading and restoring them can be a long and expensive process, especially if you want to keep all the original frames intact. You may decide that spending money repairing an inefficient, older window is not worth the hassle or expense, especially when newer windows are more energy efficient and can save you money on your heating bills as well.

The decision ultimately comes down to how much you cherish the unique character sash windows can offer you, and whether you are prepared to offer them the care they need. Or, whether you would rather save yourself the effort and would rather save the money and energy that new windows can afford. Either way we recommend you get quotes for both options before making a decision.

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