5 Ways to Decorate Your Sash Windows | Mortice & Green

5 Ways to Decorate Your Sash Windows | Mortice & Green

5 Ways to Decorate Your Sash Windows

Often a popular choice for most homeowners, sash windows is a great choice for a variety of property styles. The versatility of these windows means you can select a bespoke design that suits the style and period of your home without compromising on aesthetics, with the added luxury that upkeep is minimal and maintenance necessity is low.


  1. Bright Lights, Bold Colours

Revitilising the look of your wood panels doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. A fresh coat of paint can enhance the look of your windows and give the wood added resistance against harsh weather. Light or dark, pastel or bold; choosing a colour is a versatile, easy and affordable way to improve and freshen up your windows.


  1. Sheer Fabrics 

Sheer fabrics are often light and airy giving your room a brighter, more open feel providing the added benefit of more natural daylight all without detracting from the beauty of the sash windows themselves.


  1. Blinds and Shutters

Adding character to any room can be done easily with blinds or shutters. Shutters have an elegance that adds personality, light and airiness to the room; a perfect companion for the sash windows. Whether you choose a custom approach or an existing style, you will get the benefit of the daylight without overheating the room. Blinds are more reasonably priced and have an endless choice of colours, patterns and even fabrics. Blinds much like shutters add a timeless quality to any room making them a good choice throughout the house.

Sash Windows

  1. Ceiling To Floor

Curtains can also add huge benefits to the room; choosing a floor-length curtain can add a sense of drama to the room, making your eyes draw towards the sash windows when you walk in the room. The curtains add a regal, elegant quality that adds personality to the room when open and cosy discretion when the curtains are drawn. Lovely!


  1. Pelmet

A wonderful source of insulation, the pelmet teams well with any sash window design. The Pelmet acts as a border to restrict draughts and unwanted airflow, giving your energy bills a break as well as keeping the room nice and warm. The framing feature of the Pelmet gives your room a beautiful focal point, along with the flow of the curtains. Seamless and beautiful!

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