Sash Windows

Sash Windows - Mortice & Green

Sash Windows

Turn your house into a home with classic style…


Whether you are restoring, repairing or replacing your windows or perhaps looking to add some extra value to your residential or commercial property; Sash Windows are an attractive choice.


  • Durability

The combination of wooden panels, unyielding fibers in the timber and cellulose makes these windows incredibly robust. Withstanding fierce weathers, once you invest these windows will stand the test of time.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

This classic style makes any property more attractive. Thinking about selling? These windows will add significant worth to your home while being impressive for viewings and valuations. Adding character to your home, the wooden frames incorporate classic style that never goes out of fashion.

  • Bespoke

Installed to your house shape and design, sash windows can offer a tailored feel to any home. Carved, sanded, stained ad painted to your preference; you can decide on the overall look to suit the style of your property.

  • Maintainable

Metal and plastic windows tend to last longer and are accessible and straightforward to clean. Easily repairable, these windows often need very little aftercare but repairs are possible and are generally inexpensive.

  • Money Saver

Friendly to the environment the windows are a natural insulator, so no need to crank up the heating. Saving on bills is a huge win, win. The combination of the material and construction makes them draught resistant, keeping cold air out and making your home nice and toasty in.

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