What Is A Casement Window?

What Is A Casement Window?

A casement window consists of hinges at the side of the frame. When opening this window, you can see everything outside. It is the opposite of sash windows that do not open on a hinge.

Common features of casement window designs include a small crank and a mechanical handle. This differs greatly to push out casement window styles that do not have a crank.

Types Of Casement Windows

There are three main types of casement windows:

  • Single casement
  • Double casement
  • Fixed casement

A single casement includes a single-window frame. Panel sizes may differ depending on how big the window is.

Double casements are otherwise known as “french casement” windows. Their design is similar to french doors, and this is where their nickname derives from. This is a perfect option for wide, unobstructed views from your window.

Another name for fixed casement is “picture window”. It is characterised by its inability to open. However, it usually has open windows on either side.

The Benefits

There are many advantages of casement windows in comparison to high-quality double glazed windows and flush sash windows.

Easy To Maintain

Cleaning the inside and outside of a casement window is effortless. Its design is simple to prevent breakage. This is especially impressive when compared to sash windows that are more complex in their design and need extra care.


Sash windows consist of intricate mechanisms, so constructing this window takes greater time and extra resources. On the other hand, casement windows have basic mechanisms and are faster to create, making them cheaper.

High Security

A forced opening is unlikely with casement windows because their double glazing makes it difficult to smash, and when locked there is little to no chance of reopening. Sash windows are just as sturdy, but their design makes them more susceptible to accidentally being left open.

Plenty Of Design Options

There are many style choices to design your casement window. These include different finishes like rosewood or natural Irish oak. Likewise, you can improve the appearance of sash windows with paint.

Prevention Of Air Leaks

Casement windows have strong seals that obstruct any air from leaving the room. This improves energy efficiency, which is ideal when striving for a high energy rating. Sash windows are not as secure, and this could increase air leakage.

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