4 Tips For Keeping Your Old Sash Windows in Good Condition

4 Tips For Keeping Your Old Sash Windows in Good Condition

4 Tips For Keeping Your Old Sash Windows in Good Condition

Here at Mortice and Green, we provide expert sash window restoration in Wimbledon. Over our decades of experience, we’ve seen how, with the right treatment, old sash windows can continue to function in perfect condition for many years before needing restoration.

Today, we’ll be sharing our top 4 tips for looking after your sash windows and what to do if you want to keep them in perfect condition.

1. Regulate Your Indoor Temperature

Did you know that your house’s indoor temperature can influence the long-term durability of your windows?

Many old sash windows were built with wooden frames which expand and contract along with changes in temperature. While they can withstand a lot in terms of seasonal temperature change, sooner or later, problems can build up.

Although there’s nothing you can do to control the weather outside, your indoor heating habits may have a significant effect. Try to maintain a consistent temperature inside your house – especially throughout the extremes of the year. This will help to prevent expansion/contraction, minimising any damage that may occur.

2. Keep an Eye Out For Mould/Damp

Another important reason to keep your house well-heated throughout the winter months is in order to avoid mould/dampness. As the name suggests, damp can build up as moisture gets into the house. That moisture will evaporate before condensing on the cool glass of the window, causing the water to pool on the sill and ultimately encouraging mould.

If you see mould and damp building up around your window then you should take immediate steps to rectify the situation. The best thing to do is to keep your house well-heated and well-ventilated as well as regularly wiping down your windows. If mould appears to be a recurring problem, you might also consider using anti-mould paint.

3. Fix Any Peeling Paint

Speaking of paint, if you see the paint around your window beginning to peel then it’s good to repaint as soon as possible. Paint seals the wood, minimising the aforementioned temperature problems and helping to keep your windows in good long-term condition.

4. Hire a Professional

Last but certainly not least, if you’re experiencing any serious issues with your windows, don’t hesitate to hire Wimbledon sash window restoration. After all, these issues have a tendency to build up over time, so the sooner you attend to the problem, the smaller the issue will be.

Sash Window Restoration in Wimbledon

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