South London’s Love of Sash Windows is Older Than You Think

South London's Love of Sash Windows is Older Than You Think

South London’s Love of Sash Windows is Older Than You Think

Looking for sash window repair in South London? Read on to find out more.

With a history stretching back over 2000 years and many generations of cultural influence, London has seen its fair share of architectural developments over the centuries. From the Romans to the Stuarts, Victorian innovations to Georgian ornamentation, the city’s architecture is simply brimming with history.

But did you know that London also saw some of the earliest examples of sash windows? In this article, we’ll be exploring how sash windows have remained popular in the South London area for over three hundred years and why their popularity continues to this day.

Early Sash Windows

While the original inventor of the sash window is broadly disputed, some credit the design to English scientist Robert Hooke who lived and worked in London for the majority of his life.

In the 1670s, South London’s Ham House saw some of the UK’s first sash windows installed. Borrowing from earlier French designs, Ham House’s sash windows were operated with the use of weights and pulleys. Over the following century, the design caught on more broadly and many examples, including those of Ham House, still survive to this day.

That being said, although an incredible innovation for their time, these older sash windows had some notable flaws leading to the need for South London sash window repair and maintenance.

A Classic Design Meets Modern Materials

Wooden window frames always had their fair share of problems. Changes in temperature cause the wood to expand and contract which can distort the frame and even damage the glass in extreme cases. Plus, the damp weather can also lead to rot which, if left untreated, can spread throughout the building, causing further damage.

Of course, these days we have solutions to these problems. Draught proofing and maintenance can go a long way towards mitigating the problem while, in some cases, people choose to replace their old wooden frames with uPVC or vinyl ones.

That being said, this is very much a case-by-case basis as some windows are more susceptible than others. Furthermore, there are many restrictions in place about the correct repair and maintenance of sash windows in listed buildings.

South London Sash Window Repair

Here at Mortice and Green, we’re proud to offer high-quality South London sash window repair and replacement services. Our skilled team knows everything there is to know about sash windows, combining traditional and modern knowledge for the very best result. 

If you’re looking for outstanding South London sash window repair, then get in touch today by contacting us at 020 7118 9191 or by emailing

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