Why Mortice and Green is the best choice for sash window repairs in London

Mortice and Green Sash Windows London

Why Mortice and Green is the best choice for sash window repairs in London

Sash windows are one of the most popular models in London. Because they’ve been around for several centuries – they’ve been introduced shorted after the Great Fire of 1666 –, it’s fair to say that sash windows are a staple of historic buildings. If there’s one thing that every Londoner agrees on is the diversity of old buildings and houses of all ages in the capital. From elegant Edwardian residences that have been turned into cosy flats to quirky post-war buildings, sash windows are almost everywhere in the city.


Their unique character is attached to an era that Londoners are unwilling to forget. As such, sash windows are rarely replaced for different models. Instead, their individual quality and structure are restored carefully to maintain the chic window features.

Consequently, if you own sash windows and are considering repair or restoration works, you need to find a partner you can trust. While there are many window specialists in the UK, not everyone can provide the level of expertise and care that Mortice & Green deliver to their London-based customers.


Because it’s a family business with 25 years experience

Founded in 1994, Mortice & Green have been around for 25 years. Because we are a small family business, we dedicate our full attention to our knowledge and practice day after day. Therefore, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen it all. We’ve come across a variety of challenges when it comes to sash window repairs and renovation, related to the structure of the window, the material used, or even its general accessibility.


Over our time as a business, we have had to face many different situations with sash windows in London, so that we can safely ensure our future clients that we’re confident in our skills. We know our job and have been doing it for many years to help homeowners across the capital regain full use of their windows.


Because we can fit realistic and quality reproduction

Nothing looks more realistic than the real thing. Sash windows were originally made out of wood, which is why we provide hardwood replacement that matches the original features. While in the old days, most sash windows in London were built out of pine wood – for obvious cost reasons – we, at Mortice & Green, offer high-quality hardwood. We use oak for our structures and frames – oak was the material of choice for the wealthy population at the time of the window first introduction. Through this process, we are able to match the period and style of the original features, ensuring that your sash window can work like new without affecting the overall look and feel of your home.


It’s also worth mentioning that our frames are fitted with double glazing, to tackle the energy loss issue and temperature discomfort that you might have experienced with older models.


We provide a level of expertise you can’t find elsewhere

Of course, PVC models can be nice. But if you’re going to keep your sash window design, you want something that can look and feel like the real thing. We, at Mortice & Green, understand the role your windows play in your decor. That’s precisely why we take the time to understand each sash design and work with the best hardwood material. We want you to enjoy your sash window and recognise that the frame has been renovated carefully to fit the unique requirements of your building. Because we work with wood, your home doesn’t lose any of the natural balance and harmony that the original window provided. In fact, if anything, you might feel like our work has taken your window back in time! It’s not a service you can find with national chains because our expertise is specialised on realistic renovations.


Because we know London like the back of our hand

We’ve worked in London for a quarter of a century. So, yes, we don’t need help to navigate through the small lanes and tall buildings. More importantly, we’re used to challenging architecture and narrow spaces. Whether you’re considering renovating your Victorian gothic sash windows at the end of a cul-de-sac or repairing the 1950s sash models in your flat in central London, we can come to you and get the job done when it suits you best.


Because our know-how goes beyond sash windows

Sure, while sash windows are our expertise at Mortice & Green, our understanding of wood architecture and frame has been helpful to fix any type of wooden windows. That special knowledge makes us a preferred partner for the renovation of historic buildings.


Mortice & Green are the specialists of sash window repairs and restoration in London. With a long experience in helping homeowners to rediscover and enhance their stylish window features, we are confident we can help you with your window improvement projects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.


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