A Comprehensive Guide to Sash Window Repair

The Benefits Of Window Replacement

A Comprehensive Guide to Sash Window Repair

Sashes are classic timeless features that add elegance and aesthetic value to any home. Unfortunately, due to wear and tear they may require repair at some point during their lifespan. If you don’t keep on top of sash window repairs, your windows could perish much quicker than you’re average windows.

Sash Window Maintenance Problems

Before we dive into ways of repairing these iconic windows, let’s go over some common problems with them.


Weather elements and ageing may cause air to escape or enter through sash windows, leading to inefficient energy consumption.

Rotten Wood

Depending on how often maintenance is carried out, it’s possible for the wood used in sashes to rot.

Broken Cords

With time, the cords holding sash windows in place lose elasticity and eventually snap, causing difficulty when opening or closing the window(s).

Painted Shut

If poorly done, painting sash windows can end up in them getting stuck, making it difficult or even impossible to open them.

Have you noticed your sash windows letting in drafts or showing signs of wood rot? Instead of replacing them entirely, consider trying some simple repair methods first. Here are some practical ways you can address these common issues:

Draughty Windows

  • Fit rubber seals or self-adhesive strip around your sashes
  • Replace damaged putty with new material designed for gaps
  • Consider investing in secondary glazing

Wood Rot

Fill gaps left by rotting timber using an epoxy-based compound. When it comes to keeping your sash windows in tip top shape, repairs may sometimes be necessary. But don’t worry – there are ways to handle common issues like rotten wood and broken cords.

Splice in repairs involve cutting out any damaged sections and replacing them with fresh wood pieces while Dutchman repairs mean entirely removing any damage before replacing it with new matching wood.

Broken Cords

Dealing with broken cords holding your sash windows in place may seem daunting at first glance, but it’s manageable! You can choose to replace old cords by removing the entire window and installing brand new ones or try installing spring balances instead for an even better solution.

And we’ll leave you with a bonus tip, if you managed to paint your sash windows shut.

Keep this in mind – gentle tactics will do the trick. Using a putty knife along edges or lightly tapping on them using a hammer can release any paint sticking frames together without causing further harm. Just give it time and have patience.

If there’s one thing that can lend a house its quintessential charm – it’s sash windows! So be it adopting a DIY option or hiring the professional for all your sash window repair needs, tearing them down altogether should never be considered.

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