Incorporate Sash Windows Into Your Home To Redefine Luxury

Incorporate Sash Windows Into Your Home To Redefine Luxury

While there are several styles in which windows come, the one variety that stands apart from the rest is the sash window. Sash windows have been around in England since the later part of the 17th century, but their demand has only grown over the years. Essentially, a sash window consists of a single or multiple movable panels that are slid on top of each other for creating a opening. A hidden pulley system ensures that window operates smoothly while closing and opening. Over the years, the iconic design of sash window has been improvised (for better), which has resulted in its growing popularity, especially as it remarkably enhances the value of a home.

How Sash Windows Add Value To Your Home:

Not only is the design of a sash window effective in improving the ventilation of a room, but it also adds luxury to the entire space. Here are some major benefits of adding sash windows to your home:

Aesthetically Appealing- Window sashes featuring glass add safety to the room, and also provide an aesthetic appeal to the interior style. If your house opens up to a panoramic view, then adding wooden windows with glass planes will make the frame of the space more alluring.

Lower Air And Noise Pollution- Window sashes ensure that a minimum amount of entry of sound from outside. Installing quality hardwood double glazed sash windows will ensure limited sound and polluted air entry in your house.

Modern day window sashes also come with special features such as ultraviolet ray protection, in which the glass on the windows prevent the harmful rays of the Sun from affecting your house or people living in it.

Opt For Wooden Sash Windows:

The numerous options in sash window varieties will surely confuse you; however, it is best if you opt for wooden windows rather than aluminium or plastic windows. This is because no material can ever substitute the quality and durability of wood. Moreover, the traditional look that comes with wood is far more aesthetically appealing than plastic or aluminium. Some other reasons why wood is better choice than any other material for a window include the following:

The expected durability of a wooden window is over a 100 years

These windows require very little maintenance

Wood allows for more air circulation and heat control

You have the option of painting the window in any colour that you choose

Installing double glazed sash window will ensure lower energy cost, and if any glass pane breaks, you simply replace it rather than have the entire window replaced

Mortice And Green Exclusive For Sash Window Repairs:

No matter how well you maintain your windows, there will come a time when they will require fixing, especially in the pulley (in sash window) breaks. For times like these, you need to reach out to professional experts like Mortice and Green, who have experience in providing quality window repair and replacement services. We are well-reputed service providers of sash window repairs, refurbishment, restoration and replacement sash windows in London as well as the UK. We also offer top quality double glazed hardwood window sashes and bespoke wooden windows in London. So, if you are looking for window restoration or repair, or want to improve your home value by replacing old windows with new sash windows in London, look nowhere and come directly to Mortice and Green We are at your service with the sole purpose of providing 100% satisfaction to you!

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