Different Types Of Sash Windows

Different Types Of Sash Windows

Sash windows are characterised by two panels that slide past each other to open. These panels or sashes slide side to side or up and down. Unlike other designs, a sash window does not have a hinge opening, making it a popular choice for period properties.

Regardless, sash windows come in a range of styles, mechanisms, glazing types and frames that make them suitable for a variety of homes.

Various Features Of Sash Windows

Sash Window Styles

The main styles of the sash window are Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. 

Georgian sash windows possess a six over six pattern. This derives from the Georgian era where only small glazed panes were produced, ensuring noticeable symmetry throughout the design.

In contrast, Victorian windows have a two-over-two design. Windows from this era are defined by luxury and accessories like sash horns to firm up the joints of the window frame and support bigger glass panels.

Whereas, Edwardian windows consist of a six over two pattern. Which combines features from both Georgian and Victorian windows. Sash horns are also used for this design to support enormous glass panes that let in a lot of light.

Sash Window Frames

Three main types of sash window frames are commonly used such as wood, uPVC and aluminium. 

Wood or timber window frames are aesthetically-pleasing and natural. They are the perfect choice for sash windows in a period property. The only issue is wooden windows need regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good condition and last for extended periods.

Meanwhile, Upvc is a durable and cost-effective material. Unlike wooden windows, it does not require a lot of maintenance to remain in great condition. However, the limitation of this frame is that it lacks a traditional appearance, making it unsuitable for period properties.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is usually used for modern sash window designs. Aluminium is highly durable and strong which allows it to support massive panels of glass. It is extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions too. Aluminium frames will not bend and twist like wooden frames.

On a less positive note, due to the modern materials used to make aluminium it may not be suitable for traditional homes.

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