How to draught-proof sash windows

How to draught-proof sash windows

Sash window repair is essential to maintain the integrity of the windows and home. The windows are a gateway to the home and when they’re compromised, they make a home less efficient. When draughts form, it’s necessary to take the appropriate steps to keep the cold out. So, how can you draught-proof sash windows and why should you call in the professionals?

Replace the draught-proof strip

All windows have a draught strip, and it typically keeps the draughts out. Unfortunately, these strips can become damaged by various elements, including the weather and general wear and tear. When this happens, draughts are more likely to occur. Replacing the strip can be incredibly important to ensure draughts remain out. Sash window repair is crucial and having a professional install the draught strip is a necessity.

Install a parting bead

Sash window repair is necessary when the parting bead needs to be replaced. This can be quite a difficult repair to make, and professionals will be needed. Professionals are ideal for sash window repair and draught-proof a home. They can install a new parting bead and ensure the windows keep the draught out too.

Replace the staff bead

Sash windows have an internal trim, called the staff bead. Unfortunately, this is prone to wear and tear. Often, it can contribute to draughts opening up around the window and be fixed quickly. Sash window repair can be important to keep out the draughts and maintain the integrity of the windows. Professional window repair services can replace the staff bead and help seal the window from draughts.

Sash window repair should be done by the professionals

Draughts are a nightmare and can make a home incredibly cold. Sash window repair can be a necessity when a new draught appears. Remember, it’ll be difficult to retain heat in a room with a draught because the cold air will continue to seep in. Sash windows are beautiful and calling in a professional to maintain them is crucial. Professionals can deal with draughts and take steps to close them successfully. Sash window repair should only ever be done by a professional to ensure the best finish.

Protect your home from draughts

Draughts are frustrating at any time of the year, but even more so during the winter months. Typically, they originate from the window and it’s necessary to resolve the issues quickly. Draught-proofing your windows is crucial to maintaining their integrity. Calling in the professionals to deal with repairs is important, so too are calling them in when you want to draught-proof the windows. Sash window repair and draught proofing the home should be done by professionals as they make the job easier.

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