How To Paint Your Sash Windows

How To Paint Your Sash Windows

How To Paint Your Sash Windows

Painting your sash windows is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Not only that, but it is an effective form of sash window maintenance that can protect the wood from rain and dampness.

Before you jump straight in and start brushing, we have a few tips and tricks to help you get the best results. Here’s our guide to painting your sash windows.

How to Prepare Your Sash Windows For Painting

1. Prep Your Space

Proper preparation will mean an easier cleanup process later on. Cover your floors with a dust sheet to protect against paint splatters and use tape to separate the window from the walls, to avoid paint contamination.

2. Remove Hardware

Take out any hardware such as locks and catches before you start painting. That way you can avoid accidentally splattering them. Whilst the hardware is out, you might want to give it an extra sparkle with a quick polish.

3. Sand The Timber

Sanding the timber is a crucial step. This ensures any excess paint is removed, creating the best possible surface for your new coat. It also ensures the paint will adhere properly, preventing flaking in the future.

4. Clean The Sawdust Off

Another crucial step, make sure to give the timber a good clean after sanding. You want to remove the excess dust, to create a smoother surface for the paint. This will also avoid contamination of sawdust into the paint pot, which could create lumps and bumps.

Get Ready To Paint Your Sash Windows

5. Start Painting

Once your preparation is complete, open the sash windows to access all parts of the lower frame. Paint the lower section first, allowing it to dry before lowering the sash window and completing the upper section. 

You might need to apply more than one coat. It’s also a good idea to give the surface a very light sand after each coat, to ensure a good base for the next coat. Make sure each layer is thoroughly dry before sanding/applying the next coat.

The Finishing Touches

6. Clean Up Any Paint

If you got any paint on the glass just give this a gentle scrape with a razor blade to scratch it off. Then, remove the tape from the glass, add your hardware back on and admire your handiwork.

Still Need Professional Sash Window Maintenance?

If you need help with professional sash window maintenance, get in touch with Mortice and Green. Our sash window maintenance team offers a huge range of sash window maintenance tasks, from fixing pulleys and cords to installing new glass.

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