All you need to know about Box Sash Windows

Wooden sash window

All you need to know about Box Sash Windows

There isn’t just one type of window you can have in the home; there are many. One of the most popular options are sash windows, which have always fared well with homeowners for their general ease of installation and maintenance, and their all-around performance. On this page, we’re going to take a closer look at what exactly sash windows are and what’s good about them. By the time you’ve finished reading, you might just decide that this is the type of window that you want in your home.


What is it?


Sash windows might sound a little complicated, but they’re not really. They’re just confusing because the meaning isn’t instantly understood by the name. A sash window is just a window that has two frames. They’re divided in the middle, so you can open one without opening the other — the window could be half-open. They’ve actually been around for centuries; they were invented back in the 17th century in England, but they’ve come a long way since then. Modern sash windows can add a lot of character and performance to a home.


What’s good about it?


If you think that a window is just a window, then, well, you need to think again — this is positively not the case. There’s a reason why sash windows have stuck around for centuries, and continue to fare well: there’s plenty to love about them. They let more air in, for starters, which promotes better airflow in your home. You get to choose how much the window is open, too, so you can get let in as much air as you like. That’ll help to keep you cool in summer, but sash windows are also great during the winter too. They can be fitted with double glazed windows, which will help to retain warm air in your home. The other good points about sash windows are that they’re really easy to install and they’re highly-durable, so you can rest easy that you won’t need to think about your windows again once you’ve got them in your home.


Different types


Sash windows are also pretty versatile too. This is because there are so many variations to choose from — this has stemmed from their popularity. Since so many people wanted them, inventors have gotten creative and put their own spin on the classic. The most common type of sash window will be double hung, though certain house types — such as Victorian and Georgian homes — use different styles.


How to stay on top of maintenance


If you’re going to invest in sash windows London, then you’ll want to ensure that they look as good in the future as they do on the first day of installation. The good news is that this is not so difficult! Sash windows only require a little bit of maintenance. It can be as little as a lick of paint, though things can always become damaged during heavy storms, at which point the windows will have to be professionally repaired by an expert.


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