Sash Window Repairs..….Expensive?

Sash Window Repairs..….Expensive?

Sash windows are an excellent time tested window design, but from time to time, they will need repair or replacement. Wear and tear is a natural occurrence, even with regular painting and maintenance. Sash window repairs can prove to be expensive, and there comes a time when you may be better off replacing them altogether.

The other influencing factors that can cause damage to sash windows include adverse weather effects, chips, breakage, and rotten frames. Deciding when it is time for window repair or replacement must be assessed by professional contractors. Here are some important points to take into account before contacting your local company.

Replacing traditional windows is more cost-effective than repairing them, however, it must be noted that this is a temporary option as the problem is likely to happen again and cost you money. The materials used to maintain windows continually change and the old fittings become outdated. Nowadays, most companies use top standard and quality tools to repair sash windows.

Minor damages such as broken seals are easily repairable, but if you continuously face these problems, it is worth investing in new windows. You will find many options on the market, including energy-efficient windows that are double glazed and consist of high quality materials. Usually, the older your sashes get, the harder it is to find parts for them. An easier and cheaper option is to replace them altogether.

Wooden frames can easily get damaged from adverse weather or moisture, but if you take care of them properly, they can quickly be restored back to life. As long as the timber is not rotten to the core, it can easily be repaired. An experienced contractor may advise part repair and part replacement depending on the extent of the damage on the jamb, frame, or the muntin bar.

If the panes are smashed, the outcome can be dangerous. The safest solution is to look for a full service company that offers highly qualified window repairmen. The only possible exception is when the material is either too costly or a replacement cannot be found, in which case an expert repair job may suffice.Not all damages require complete replacement. There are always appropriate repair solutions as offered by professionals. For example, if your sash windows appear stained, dusty, or cloudy even after you have cleaned them, this means condensation has built up and the seals are damaged. In this case, you will need to install new windows.

If there is just a crack or chip appearing on the glass or frame, a silicone sealant will suffice. You can find this material from your local DIY store. Sealants are excellent for filling gaps and preventing air leakage or water penetration. You can easily do this type of repair yourself.

On the other hand, if your sashes are beyond repair, you will need to start looking for new windows. The prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the size of the sash, and the glazing you choose as well as the material. The style of your home will determine whether you should opt for timber or UPVC frames. You can get a general idea of how much it will cost by browsing the websites of window manufacturers online.

UPVC types of frames are prone to movement, but they are low maintenance when compared to wooden framed sash windows. With timber, you can stain or paint them to suit your property. Traditional raw timber windows can even increase the value of your home and are less expensive than treated timber. With so many materials available in hardware stores, you can easily apply a few coats of varnish to the wooden frames without relying on contractors.

As most people undertake their own refurbishment projects, the cost becomes the most important factor for them. To get a better idea of how much you should set aside for this home improvement project, you can take into account the type of design you are looking for. A single glazed box sash has a value of 5W/m2K so the cost of replacement will be too high, especially if your budget is tight. Secondary glazing sash window on the other hand is a more cost effective option as it is energy efficient and offers thermal performance. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and tends to be the preferred alternative.

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