Your London Sash Window Restoration Project

Your London Sash Window Restoration Project

Period properties are among the most desirable places to live when it comes to architecture, design, build quality and space. The character and charm that is inherent in older properties make them wonderful spaces to live in and with a variety of periods to choose from in the UK, there is something for everyone. Whether its large rooms with high ceilings, period details such as ornate exterior stucco and covings or the symmetry of the property there is a range of attractive features that keep people attached to their period homes more than any other type.

One thing many period homeowners need to devote some time and money to is the upkeep and maintenance of the home to prevent it from going into disrepair. One of the most striking features among some of the most popular period homes in the UK is the Sash Window.

Sash Windows offer period properties a unique architectural continuity and are hugely popular. Homeowners can now replace their original sash windows with exact copy joinery but with high-efficiency energy rated glazing without losing the character of the property. There really is no need these days to replace sash windows with ones that are not in keeping with the period. Many manufacturers also offer services to either renovate the existing windows to nearly new standards while installing permanent weather and draught proofing. This alone makes for a huge improvement in insulation.

The options available to you if you have sash windows in your home are:

Replace with new sash windows

This is a good option if the ones you have are beyond repair, or if you want to upgrade to newer more efficient window ratings.

Repair or restore

This can help save money and is good if you want to restore the functionality and look of the window and also improve insulation with permanent draught proofing.

Advantages of restoration over replacing

1. Restoration can save on heating bills

One of the main reasons for a sash window restoration is to do with heating costs. Older timber frames find it increasingly difficult to keep the cold draughts at bay and the resultant loss of heat in the home can be expensive, and of course is also much less kind to the environment.

A complete restoration will help to bring the household heating bills down once again. And with the low costs involved, there’s no need to break the bank to have the job done in the first place. In the end, a restoration may even end up paying for itself.

2. Restoration helps to fight crime

In many areas of the UK, instances of burglary are on the up, and thieves often find it easy to simply remove the glass from older, non-restored windows. A restoration will include security beading and tougher laminated windows, thereby dramatically increasing the level of protection against burglars.

Why wooden windows are better than plastic or aluminium windows

1. Traditional timber sash windows give a house a certain character, a sense of history and a respectful nod to a time when only the best, rather than the cheapest, materials would be good enough to use. They say so much more about a home than the modern plastic or aluminium frames ever could.

2. Wooden windows are durable and while plastic and aluminium windows are delicate and susceptible to various forms of damage.

3. Wooden window s are easy to maintain while plastic or aluminium windows calls for intensive care.

That’s why engaging the services of a window restoration company is a far better option than simply replacing the windows. A sash window restoration will restore the windows to their original best, and will not detract from the overall style and character of your beloved home.

If you want the best results for your home, it is best to speak to a specialist company. They will be able to advise you on the rules and regulations as well as offering expertise that will retain the design of the period and also the functionality taking into account our energy-conscious way of living too. This would be your best bet in getting your sash windows working as intended, at the same time adorning the home with the character and charm the original architect had in mind

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