Why Sash Window Repairs Make Good Sense

Why Sash Window Repairs Make Good Sense

If you are having problems with your old sash windows you are not alone. Many UK homes have windows that have seen better days, and you could be thinking about all the benefits of shiny new windows. However, there are many good reasons to consider keeping those older windows and sash window repairs can be an excellent strategy.

The biggest reason that people replace windows is to save money on energy. After all, the likelihood of natural gas, heating oil, or electricity, going down in price, is not good. In fact, it is more likely to continue to get more expensive to heat and cool your home in the future.
New, energy efficient windows will save you money, but it could take many years to start realizing the savings. After all, highly efficient new windows can be very expensive to install. Yet, there may be a better solution and it involves keeping those old sash windows.

Sash windows can be repaired, restored, and sealed to give you excellent protection from the weather. However, it takes special equipment and knowledge on windows to do the job right, so you should have a professional window company take care of a project like this.
A good service can fix your windows to make them seal properly. In fact, they will seal better than when they were new, thanks to modern technology for weather sealing. Your windows could be costing you a lot of money in energy bills and sealing them can drastically lower your monthly bills. Plus, it is not as expensive to repair windows as it is to replace them. You will see your energy savings much quicker than if you had to borrow money for new windows in your house.

Tight windows can do much more than simply lower monthly cooling and heating bills. They can seal out a lot of the noise from out of doors, and that can make life a lot more comfortable. For example, with properly sealed windows you may not have to listen to the neighbours talking or arguing. Plus, when the dustbin lorry comes by, you may not know it is out there picking up the rubbish.

A quieter home has many advantages. For instance, you may wish to take a nap when you get home from work. Maybe you do not want to hear the music that the neighbours are playing. Once your old windows are properly sealed, a whole new world of “quiet” may open up to you.

Maybe you are tired of hearing the wind howl or whistle through that old window in the kitchen. Sealed windows will not make any noise when the wind blows. This is one less thing to have to worry about.

Many people may want new windows but it could ruin the look of their beautiful English homes. After all, many of the older style houses would not look the same with modern style windows. However, for some reason, so many home owners do not realize that they can have those old windows repaired or restored, and it will be like having new windows again. Plus, it may not be as expensive as you think.

No one wants to fight with their windows just to open them. However, this can happen when an old sash cord breaks or the wood swells inside the frame. Yet, these broken windows can easily be fixed, especially when you hire window professionals for the job. You won’t have to worry about stuck windows again.

Cost may be the best reason to keep your old windows and restore them. After all, many UK residents are on tight budgets these days with food and petrol taking most of the money. There might not be any way you can afford to install new windows in your home, but you can have them repaired. Plus, there’s no reason to repair all of them at once. This will save you money, and you can fix the ones that need it the most, now. The other ones can wait until you have the money to fix them. All you need to do is call your window professionals to set up an appointment for a free in home consultation. They will be more than happy to assess your situation and answer all your questions.

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