Why Sash Windows Have Such A Long-Standing Appeal Among Discerning Homeowners

Why Sash Windows Have Such A Long-Standing Appeal Among Discerning Homeowners

Although there are countless types of windows that consumers can currently invest in, some of the best options have been around for centuries. This is definitely true of sash windows which first entered the scene in 1670. These charming and incredibly enduring structures are capable of providing a wealth of impressive benefits that include both improved efficiency and optimum aesthetics. Whether your home is in the process of being built or is classified as a historic property, sashes are the perfect, efficient addition to your abode. Following are just a few of the many reasons why.

Quality sashes can actually last for centuries. This is why the windows at London’s famed Ham House have attracted so much attention throughout the years. With diligent maintenance, these incredible structures have endured for no fewer than three decades. With ongoing diligence, everyday consumers can enjoy this same level of quality and durability.

There is simply no matching the aesthetic beauty of well-made, all-wood windows. These are incomparable and options such as aluminum and vinyl have yet to be able to either mimic or match its appeal. Sash window styles, however, are all the more intriguing due to their complex construct and their incredible amount of efficiency. Not only do these options make homes look better, but they can also play a very significant role in increasing overall, indoor comfort levels.

By opening a sash window just a small amount, it is possible to dramatically increase overall air flow in the building. With these units, people can quickly clear out stale, stagnant air to create a far fresher living environment. This is also a very easy and all-natural way to improve overall indoor air qualities, which is excellent news for those who are living with respiratory ailments like asthma or allergies. Closed ventilation systems such as those that are provided by central cooling and heating systems do not effectively remove potential irritants like dander and dust. With sashes, however, homeowners can simply crack their windows to let clean, healthy air into the home for a much more livable environment overall and fewer, environment-related, respiratory health issues.

Consumers can also enjoy dramatic increases in overall home security with structures like these. That’s because sash window styles can be locked in a fixed position, even when they are partially opened. As such, residents can cool themselves off all day and all night long, without worry about problems with break-ins. This is hardly the case with aluminum PVC window styles which are either fully closed and locked or vulnerable to ill-intentioned parties. Moreover, may sash window styles are comprised of multiple, small-sized panes. Due to this fact, even if a single pane should ever get shattered out, which is highly unlikely, there is no way for intruders to make their way past the glazing bars.

It is impossible to talk about the benefits of sashes without discussing their environmentally-friendly construct and their inherently efficient nature. Given that these units provide for better air flow and ventilation, they often make homeowners far less reliant upon their home cooling systems. There is no need to use these units to keep buildings cool throughout the warmer months of the year when it is all too easy to create a natural cross breeze. Not only does this allow consumers to lower their carbon footprints, but it can additionally result in far less spending on energy bills as well. When homeowners live in historic homes and are unwilling to radically alter these building structures in order to have modern cooling systems and the necessary ductwork put in, these window types are a suitable alternative for year-round cooling.

Premium sashes are usually made by companies that have tightly controlled supply chains. These entities are often committed to working with a small number of reputable, ethical suppliers with which they maintain long-standing relationships. These relationships allow for lower materials costs and lower production prices overall. As such, established window manufacturers have a number of impressive savings that they are able to pass right on to their customers.

The environmental benefits of having long-standing supplier relationships are also quite impressive. In addition to saving money on project materials, established window manufacturers are also able to ensure that their wood is sourced in an environmentally-friendly fashion. This is incredibly good news for consumers who are concerned with deforestation and other ways in which their home improvement projects might negatively impact the environment. It is additionally vital to note that wood windows last a very long time and thus, homeowners who use these materials for window upgrades now are highly unlikely to have to replace these structures and draw upon more natural resources at any time within the near future.

An additional environmental benefit of wood sashes is the fact that wood is a terrible conductor of heat, and thus, an excellent insulating material. Moreover, it has an incredibly low coefficient of expansion. Not only will it natural trap more heat inside of the home during cooler winter months, but it is also less likely to develop cracks and gaps as the result of contraction and other forms of movement. Consumers can also work with companies that specialize in the development of sashes that are virtually drought-free.

When investing in products like these, consumers can always look forward to getting excellent returns on their money. Their homes will have far higher resale values and infinitely more aesthetic appeal. For those living in historic properties, these windows are also a great way to improve upon the building without compromising its authenticity. Sashes can keep these units true to their original, architectural styles while providing long-lasting durability.

Another important thing to understand about products like these is that they are made in a way that’s totally different from more modern window styles. While PVC and aluminum windows are often mass-produced in large, warehouse environments, these all-wood designs are largely hand-crafted in small, quaint workshops and studios. This hands-on manufacturing allows for a significantly higher level of quality control all-around. Moreover, the best manufacturers within this niche rarely or never outsource any portion of their projects. As a result, consumers can get a consistently high level of workmanship from end to end and truly superior results.

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