How To Winter-proof Your Sash Windows

How To Winter-proof Your Sash Windows

How To Winter-proof Your Sash Windows

Sash windows add timeless elegance to any home, but as winter approaches, you might be wondering how to keep your home warm. 

Winter-proofing your sash windows is not only a practical task, but it also goes a long way in preserving the aesthetic appeal of your home. In this blog, we’ll explore effective strategies to ensure your sash windows remain functional, energy-efficient and cosy during the colder months.

Regularly Inspect Your Sash Windows

Before the winter chill properly sets in, conduct a thorough inspection of your sash windows. Look for any gaps, cracks or signs of wear and tear. Addressing these issues early on will prevent drafts and heat loss. Replace or repair damaged features, such as sash cords, pulleys and weather-stripping, to ensure your windows are in tip-top condition.

Install Draught Excluders

Draught excluders are a simple yet effective way to prevent cold air from seeping into your home. Install self-adhesive draught strips around the edges of the sashes to create a tight seal when the windows are closed. This small investment will make a huge impact, preventing chilly breezes from entering your home.

Apply A Window Film

Window film offers an additional layer of insulation without compromising the view. Choose a high-quality thermal window film that helps retain heat and reduce heat loss through the glass. This is a cost-effective winter-proofing task that can make a huge difference to your comfort and energy bills.

Consider Heavy Curtains

Curtains offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. Heavy curtains or drapes can add a touch of metaphorical warmth to your interior whilst also providing an extra barrier against the cold. You might want to look for curtains that have higher insulation ratings.

Install Double Glazing

Older sash windows often still feature single-glazed panes, which are terrible heat insulators. Looking into double glazing before winter is a great idea. Double glazing will keep your home warm and your energy bills down and it will even reduce some noise pollution from outside of your home

Need Help Winter-roofing Your Sash Windows?

If you need help getting your sash windows ready for winter, get in touch with our team. ​

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